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I cook a lot of sausage, and I could never get a perfectly cooked sausage at home until I started using The Sausage Pan.  It's ribbed design keeps the sausages from rolling around in the pan and allows them to cook evenly.  It's very easy to clean and extremely convinient in the winter time when you can't use your girll.  I use it all the time, and absolutely love it!

Todd Angevine

2012 Sausage King of Chicago

The Breakfast Pan is a wonder. Who could imagine that something so simple could make breakfast (indeed cooking sausages wherever), so easy?

Dr. Jessica B. Harris


Author of 12 critically acclaimed cookbooks

"Brilliant! I love my Sausage Pan and Breakfast Pan- especially the quick clean up!"

"I love cooking Breakfast for the kids! Great Pans!"

"We use our pans to perfectly cook chicken and veggies for a quick, healthy meal at home! We use them everyday!